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Hahn PRO is your partner for eliminating unnecessary complexity. We offer solutions and consulting to simplify and optimise the digitalisation of your infrastructure and processes.

Simplify Your Digital Transformation


What we offer

Complexity Simplifier · Your expert for effortless digitalisation

Advanced Asset Management

Transform real objects and assets into a digital infrastructure with the Hahn PRO Asset Manager to enable the improvement of operational efficiency.

Predictive Maintenance

Knowing that something is wrong before something worse happens. That is the desire behind predictive maintenance. Hahn PRO offers the perfect platform for this.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

In Industry 4.0 or IIoT everything generates information, messages and measurements. Our products can process and use this data efficiently to unlock the treasure trove of data and increase the value of your assets and processes.

SIMPLIFY as a Service

We offer the foundation of your digital transformation. Our platform has a modular microservices architecture that provides different functionalities independently and contextually.

Digital Transformation

We enable your experts to carry out the digital transformation themselves with simple building blocks. Connect systems, automate your processes or extend the functionality of your assets with digital twins.

Digital Twin

We see a digital twin not only as a digital representation of an asset, but rather as the possibilities that open up with a digital twin. Use your data faster and more efficiently to gain a competitive advantage.


Advanced Digital Asset Management

Transition to the Digital Era

ADAM is the complete strategic and operational package for the digital transformation of processes and manufacturing.

Map your Systems to Digital Twins

We combine customised consulting with an innovative software platform to help get your digital transformation started.

Store and Analyse your Data Efficiently

Our Asset Manager is the central service for creating and managing digital twins. Digital twins are virtual images of real objects or assets enriched with data from different sources.

Automate and Optimise your Processes

Flow Studio is the central service for automating and optimising your processes. With Flow Studio, you can use simple modules to create your own workflows that control your digital twins or interact with other systems.

Easy Digital Transformation

Step 1: Understanding & Analysing

We start by analysing your project with you to understand what you are trying to achieve, what added value digitalisation will bring, and how digitalisation can secure and simplify processes.

Step 2: Consultation & Decision Making

Based on your requirements, we can advise you on a simple solution or work with you to identify the right tools. Not every project requires a completely new tool.

Step 3: Development & Implementation

The most important thing for us is to involve users as early as possible in the development process. This creates acceptance and simplifies the change process when the software is later deployed.

Step 4: Operation & Continuous Improvement

In todays fast-moving world, requirements are constantly changing, so even an optimised solution needs to be maintained and adapted to new challenges.

Digital Transformation

Explore the Building Blocks for Your Digital Transformation.

By combining modern technologies and open source solutions, our cloud platform enables the development of future-oriented applications.

Asset Manager

The Asset Manager is an innovative software solution for the digital transformation of your infrastructure and processes.
With it you can transfer real objects and assets into a digital infrastructure and link them with digital twins.
Digital twins are virtual images of your real objects, enriched with data from various sources such as sensors, cameras, documents or ERP systems.

Flow Studio

Flow Studio turns your subject matter experts into IT experts.
To process data efficiently, you need domain-specific knowledge of the data, experience as a software developer, knowledge of the data sources and technologies as well as practice in algorithms and statistical methods.
Flow Studio is a web-based development environment that enables anyone to create complex data flow-oriented flows from ready-made building blocks.

Time Series Manager

Efficient data storage and processing is the key to the success of your digitalisation strategy. Our Time Series Manager is the central service for managing time-related data such as sensor data or event data.
It offers extensive visualisation and analysis options. Find out immediately if a sensor is out of tolerance or no longer providing data.
The integrated AI system can be used to analyse time series, classify states and make predictions.

Microsoft Partner

As a proud Microsoft Partner, Hahn Projects leverages cutting-edge Microsoft technologies to deliver innovative solutions tailored to your business needs.
Our experts are committed to driving your success through guidance, enhanced security, and seamless integration. Trust us to empower your business with the latest advancements from Microsoft.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dive into the following questions to gain insights into Hahn Projects and how it can elevate your digital transformation journey.

Why Hahn Projects?

With Hahn Projects, you gain more than software. We provide comprehensive expertise to streamline your operations and unlock new opportunities.

What exactly is ADAM?

Hahn PRO ADAM from is a SaaS technical asset management platform that supports digital transformation through the creation of digital twins, data analysis and process optimisation.
It enables the comprehensive management of company assets such as equipment, buildings and employees, provides maintenance plans and a digital asset lifecycle file, supported by cloud technology.