Hahn PRO Cloud

A scalable, fault-tolerant and secure foundation for future-orientated, cloud-based solutions.
The combination of modern technologies and open source solutions enables the platform to develop future-orientated applications

Hahn PRO Cloud

Hahn PRO Cloud

Cloud-native Platform

The Hahn PRO Cloud forms the basic platform for all our products and solutions. Benefit from the combination of established open source solutions such as Kubernetes, Keycloak, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, NestJS and Angular.

Avoid vendor lock-in

The Hahn PRO Cloud runs everywhere:


Virtualised or bare-metal

Public Cloud

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, Google Kubernetes Engine or Azure Kubernetes Service, SAP Cloud, Siemens MindSphere and many more

Private Cloud

Local Kubernetes platform

Asset Manager

The Hahn PRO Asset Manager is an innovative software solution for the digital transformation of your infrastructure and processes.
With the Hahn PRO Asset Manager, you can transfer real objects and assets into a digital infrastructure and link them with digital twins. Digital twins are virtual images of your real objects that are enriched with data from various sources such as sensors, cameras, documents or ERP systems.

This allows you to generate and utilise information and knowledge about your assets. The Hahn PRO Asset Manager is part of the Hahn PRO Cloud Platform, which offers you additional modules such as Hahn PRO Flow Studio or Hahn PRO Time Manager.

You can use these modules to connect your systems, automate your processes or make your assets intelligent. The Hahn PRO Cloud Platform is web-based, scalable and highly available. It can be easily and flexibly customised to your individual requirements. Find out more about the Hahn PRO Asset Manager and the Hahn PRO Cloud Platform on our website or contact us for a personal consultation.

Flow Studio

Hahn PRO Flow Studio turns your subject matter experts into IT experts. To process data efficiently, you need domain-specific knowledge of the data, experience as a software developer, knowledge of the data sources and technologies as well as practice in algorithms and statistical methods. People with all these skills are as rare as superheroes.

Hahn PRO Flow Studio is a web-based development environment that enables anyone to create complex data flow-oriented flows from ready-made building blocks. These flows can be commissioned and monitored directly by your experts with just one click.
You can also easily create clear dashboards from your flows. Create and manage digital twins, carry out predictive maintenance or optimise your processes.

Time Series Manager

Efficient storage and processing of data is the guarantee of success for your digitalisation strategy. The Hahn PRO Time Manager is the central service for managing time-related data such as sensor data or event data.

The Time Manager offers extensive visualisation and analysis options. Find out immediately if a sensor is out of tolerance or no longer supplies data. The integrated AI system can be used to analyse time series, classify statuses and make predictions.

Twin Manager

In fast-moving times with constantly changing requirements, the most important thing is to keep an overview. The Hahn PRO Twin Manager is a flexible web-based application that allows you to manage everything that is of value to you. Without having to install anything, you always have all the relevant information with you.

Create digital CV files or simply replace your Excel lists. The Twin Manager allows you to digitally link your assets with each other as you wish and thus accurately reflect reality. With the help of actions, you can manage regular tasks directly from the Twin Manager. The integrated dashboard provides the necessary overview.

Digital Life Cycle File

The Hahn PRO digital life cycle file is an innovative solution for plant construction and operation that offers you many advantages.

The digital life cycle file is a digital twin of your plant that contains all relevant information from all phases of the plant's life. From planning and commissioning to disposal, you can store and retrieve all data and documents relating to your plant in one central location. This enables you to exchange information efficiently, transparently and securely between all those involved in the plant.

With the Hahn PRO digital life cycle file, you have an overview of the status of your system at all times. You can track all activities that have been carried out on the system in chronological order and view all associated documents. This saves you a lot of time when searching for information or documents and enables you to obtain the information you need in the shortest possible time.

The digital life cycle file also offers you a high level of security and protection against possible data loss. All data is stored reliably and can be restored if necessary. You can also customise the access rights for the various data and documents to ensure the confidentiality of your information.

The Hahn PRO digital life cycle file is based on the Asset Administration Shell (AAS) metamodel and on industrial standards such as DIN 77005-1 (life cycle file for technical assets) and DIN 77005-2 (digital life cycle file). The AAS is a digital image of a real plant component, which is referred to as a cyber-physical system

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