Plant management for wind power and photovoltaics

HAWIC is a platform for system operators, service companies and direct marketers from the renewable energy sector. Take advantage of the opportunity to display live data from your systems, regardless of the manufacturer.


HAWIC Platform

Synergies in predictive maintenance and remote monitoring for wind and solar energy

Hahn Projects GmbH and Thomas Wilmes Ingenieurbüro GmbH & Co. KG utilise their joint expertise in predictive maintenance and remote monitoring of wind and solar.

The HAWIC platform is a combined hardware and software solution that ensures continuous wind farm monitoring and a homogeneous data structure for all turbine types. The standardised processing of data for remote monitoring enables both old and new turbines or complex wind farms to be compared, as well as precise diagnostics and faster response times in the event of a fault.

Based on our Hahn PRO Cloud platform, HAWIC also enables fast connection to the direct marketer and easy switching between different direct marketers.

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